Sunday, October 21, 2012

let's celebrate fall!

this year i realized how much i look forward to fall. while i may be less than enthusiastic about cold weather (being a california transplant, i can't say i've quite learned how to embrace northeast winters), i love that first breath of crisp air that comes with the season.

it may mark the end of summer, but to me fall has always marked the beginning of things, the start of a new year. it's when a new school year starts; it's when i started working; it's the hint of upcoming holidays. and now it's the start of my blog!

so let's celebrate fall with a little pumpkin kitchen time to-do list:

- pumpkin granola
spiced pumpkin coconut milk ice cream
pumpkin (cup)cake with brown butter icing
baked pumpkin pecan doughnuts

happy fall!

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