Monday, April 29, 2013

baby peech shower

this year seems to be all about babies. everyone is either expecting or popping them out o.O i'm lucky enough to be waiting for the arrival of my niece in june--all the fun and love without the physical discomfort (sorry, jade). to celebrate baby peech and her awesome parents, i helped organize a little baby shower this saturday. baby peech, we can't wait to meet you! :)

the invite design definitely drove the theme of the party--woodland dream / forest friends--along with touches of purple. i really focused on the favors, which i'm pretty proud of. i can't take credit for the ideas, but i think the recreation of them turned out great:
  * cake pop babies with little purple bonnets (faces hand drawn by me and sean)
  * owl treat boxes filled with personalized m&m's (printed with 'baby peech 2013' / 'it's a [peach image]!', and hand-drawn owls)
  * toadstool vanilla cupcakes with ladybug toppers (made from puffy stickers)

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