Sunday, July 21, 2013

mid-july recap

okay, i've been lagging a bit in posts so here are some highlights from the past couple weeks:

* june 29th - 30th: montreal AGAIN. this was kind of a random trip but nevertheless another nice weekend with yummy food. we tried a few places that we meant to the last time we were there. first was patisserie kouign amann in the plateau area. tiny shop with a very old-french feel and an open view into the kitchen. there were so many other tempting pastries, but we kept it fairly conservative with a café au lait to share, pain aux chocolat for sean, and a slice of kouign amann for me. the kouign amann was deliciously buttery and sugary, almost like honey, and a slice was just enough.

next up was la banquese for poutine and a pogo. POGO! it's just a corn dog, but apparently in canada they're called pogos. who knew! it may also be the brand name cuz i noticed the stick of my pogo was stamped with a pogo logo. (yeah, i totally just rhymed.) i'm not the only one who was entertained by ordering a pogo; the girl at the table next to us sheepishly tacked on a pogo to her initial order then giggled after the waitress left, "pogo!" in the end, it's just a corn dog--freshly fried but nothing special. the poutine (with a side salad) was again good but nothing special. we also over-ordered with a large, so that may have dampened our enthusiasm (and busted our bellies).

the last place we tried was pizzeria magpie. it's not better than the places we've gone to in manhattan and brooklyn, but that's not really a fair comparison. we ordered a tomato salad to start, the magpie margherita, and the artichauts (artichockes, spinach, fontina, and parm with a tomato sauce). the salad was kind of disappointing; the overall salad lacked much flavor, and the tomatoes were particularly sad. i guess tomatoes haven't been doing so great this season~ fortunately the pizza was much better. both were good, and i don't remember which one i preferred. i'd come back again; it's got promise~

* july 4th: lily joined our crew. i found lily on when i was randomly searching for kittens in stamford. she was a rescue that was being fostered by community cats (a volunteer organization whose mission is to "humanely stabilize the free-roaming cat population in our community, primarily through spay and neuter, education, and responsible adoptions"). they found her back in april when she was just a teeny tiny kitten who was probably abandoned by her mother. because of that, she's needed some kitten etiquette lessons; lucky for me her foster mom did a lot of that. she's still very much a playful kitten, a bit sassy, and a little diva. quite the opposite of mr. scared-of-life casey…although he's seemed to have mellowed out with her around (perhaps all his attention and focus has been trying to figure out what the deal is with this infiltrator…). casey is still unsure of the situation, but i'm sure he'll learn to love her ::fingers crossed:: best part is, now sean and i have matching cats :D

* july 13th: in honor of abby's first time in connecticut, sean and i put together a homemade pizza lunch:
- two standard margheritas and one flatbread pizza topped with corn, zucchini, red onion, jalapenos, feta, and parm
- shaved brussels sprouts salad with avocados and lentils and a pineapple-poppy seed vinaigrette
- fig and citrus olive oil cake/loaf with haagen dazs vanilla bean ice cream
i have zero pictures of the food because i was too busy making and eating it :P and also staring adoringly at abby <3 

speaking of…

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