Tuesday, October 8, 2013

fall feet

it seems like fall just kind of popped up out of nowhere. one day i was sweating like crazy from the summer humidity, and the next i'm bundled up in my favorite ucsd sweatshirt. as much as i like summer i'm pretty happy about saying goodbye to the sweltering heat.

i'm looking forward to the leaves changing, turning all the trees into warm, glowing canopies, and (hopefully) a weekend apple picking/pumpkin patch adventure with little abby (& co). i'm also ready to bust out my minnetonka mocs and brand new toms (fleece-lined and sparkly!).

(and if you're wondering, yes, these are children's shoes; i'm all about being cost effective...)

the transition weeks between seasons are my favorite times of the year--summer to fall, winter to spring--probably because they remind me of california. fall just feels nice, with its cooling temperatures and slight crispness in the air. even the lighting seems nicer, like things are a little sharper and clearer. while i'll always enjoy pleasant and predictable california weather, i gotta say, seasons are kind of special~

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