Friday, March 7, 2014

glimpses of spring

since winter seems to be rather stubborn this year, i thought i'd move things along and bring some hints of spring into my life. for me this means flowers. bright, frilly flowers.

it may seem frivolous to some, but i love having fresh flowers around my apartment. they brighten up the place and last a while if you're diligent about fresh water in the vase and the occasional wilted stem removal. i remember when i first bought flowers for myself; it felt like such a grown-up moment, buying flowers for no apparent reason. they were nothing special (probably a simple bouquet from trader joe's), but they made me smile...such a small thing to make me happy :) i don't go for anything extravagant: no florists, no crazy arrangements, just a store-bought bouquet that appeals to me that day. sometimes that's easier said than done (as sean can attest). i've been known to stand and stare and deliberate for WAY too long in front of a flower stand. what am i feeling today: single flower or mixed bouquet? bright and poppy or understated? something new or the tried-and-true favorites? so many choices! in the end whatever i choose i'm usually happy with once i get them home. a little rearranging and they're all set.

so in an attempt to welcome in the spring i prettified my place with some petal action. 

now, how long until things start to thaw and buds start poking up from the ground? come on, spring, get here!

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