Wednesday, September 17, 2014

it's fall!!!

i closed out the summer with berry smoothies, a batch of asian-flavored popsicles [red bean and vietnamese coffee], and some quick bites that didn't involve the stove or oven [tuna salad on english cucumber slices and early-season figs with goat cheese on mini brioche toasts].
heat is not our friend when it's 90 degrees out and humid, but now that the (in)famous pumpkin spice latte is back it's time to embrace the shift in seasons and reconnect in the kitchen.

i've actually never had a pumpkin spice latte--or ANY seasonal starbucks stuff for that matter--but that's not to say i don't enjoy seeing all the pumpkin and pumpkin-spiced things filling up the shelves and popping up on websites. i like the images they evoke: golden hued leaves and fallen acorns, bundling up and getting cozy on the couch, sipping cups of tea or apple cider or maybe a hot toddy ;)

fall baking provides comfort rather than guilt (bye bye, swimsuit season!). i'm excited to go through my collection of recipes and play with all the flavors of the season: pumpkin, apples, nuts and spices, maple~ and i can't forget the savory side of fall which means lots of root vegetables and lots of roasting. so put away the ice cream maker and bring out the dutch oven!

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