Thursday, August 6, 2015


16 days, 9 destinations, 4000 miles, one civic.

to commemorate sean finishing his mba (YAY!) we planned a lengthy summer road trip to the canadian maritimes. our adventure started with an 8-hour drive up the eastern seaboard, a pit stop in maine, and an overnight ferry from nova scotia that brought us to newfoundland. then the TRUE adventure could begin!
newfoundland is reminiscent of iceland but with evergreens instead of waterfalls, maybe not quite as vibrant or otherwordly but equally picturesque. there were hints of ireland with its lilting accents, grey weather, and gusty gales. this combination of landscape and weather resulted in some amazing cloud action and an abundance of wildflowers. 

i can’t talk about newfoundland without mentioning all the newfie fauna we encountered: tiny opportunistic squirrels, a brown country mouse, snowshoe hares (they’re brown in the summer and white in the winter—camouflage!), a young moose (we *think* it was a moose—still to be confirmed), sheep, lots of seabirds (~oh OOoh tickleaces~), PUFFINS (eeeee!), and humpback whales! there were also countless warning signs for moose. please note that these signs are lies: in all our time on the island we never saw ONE proper moose ::hmph::
in addition to the moose lies, we noticed that most of our fellow newfie roadtrippers were at least twice our age and largely from ontario, so naturally we fit right in. while this trip is not your typical summer vacation of beaches and bikinis, if you’re into nature, hiking, and small coastal towns, pack the car and clothing for ALL types of weather and let’s go!

here’s a look at our trip itinerary:
* part one: camping in gros morne national park
* part two: twillingate and trinity
* part three: st. pierre et miquelon
* part four: st. john’s
* part five: back to brooklyn

recaps to follow!

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