Monday, February 25, 2013

part two: sacramento and tahoe

DAY THREE: monday 04 february
today we're off to visit debby in sacramento! before we hit the road, though, we needed some food. first stop: tartine bakery for coffee, a croissant, pain au chocolat, and a morning bun. the bakery was packed, but luckily we were able to grab a counter spot by the window. the pastries were so flaky and had all those beautiful layers i can only imagine the amount of butter and rolling that went into the dough. we saved the morning bun for debby, which we ended up splitting days later :P
walking back to the car, we stopped in bi-rite market and picked up a few california-y things: a bottle of orange wine, rancho gordo good mother stallard heirloom beans, mandaquats, and a pint of bi-rite mint chip ice cream (for deb). worried that we might miss out on lunch, we had another in-car mexican meal in the mission: a steak super burrito from la palma mexicatessen. the burrito was a little soup-y but the tortilla was fresh, soft, and maybe lightly fried? still a solid burrito, but el gallo giro was definitely better. now with the food situation taken care of, on to sacramento and debby!
it was a slightly cool and foggy morning in the bay, but as we got closer to sacramento the sun was shining bright. i fell asleep for most of the drive up, so by the time i woke up we were turning onto deb's street. (i have incredible nap timing.) after a short rest at the condo, we walked through the neighborhood to the american river, where we saw some ducks and a BEAVER. nature!
the rest of our afternoon and evening was a medley of drinks (both alcoholic and non), food (pizza, macarons, 50-50s, and irish tacos?!), and some california state history. we kept it a fairly early night since we had an early start the next day--TAHOE!

latte art from old soul

<3 marin <3
one of these is not like the others...

DAY FOUR: tuesday 05 february

TAHOE!!! we had an amazing day on the slopes at northstar. i was a little apprehensive about snowboarding since it had been almost 2 years since i last rode, but it turned out to be such a great day. conditions were SO nice (especially compared to the predominately icy, hard surfaces we get on the east coast), and the weather was perfect. totally felt like spring skiing. just beautiful. AND i actually did an actual snowboarder! kiss falling leaf goodbye :P i think it's settled--from now on, i'll only ride on the west coast. heehee.


to celebrate an awesome day of skiing, we treated ourselves to some it's-its on our drive home. mmm, seriously, who doesn't love an it's-it ("the official food of san francisco")??
dinner was ethiopian at queen of sheba. we ordered the combo platter for four which consisted of chicken tibbs, key wot, lamb tibbs, fish tibbs, a veggie combo (spicy red lentils, yellow lentils, spinach and collard greens, cabbage, potato and carrot, and a green salad), and lots of injera. the stand outs were the key wot, lamb, and both lentils. considering it was just three of us, we (read: sean) made an impressive and sizable dent in the platter for four. i loved all the flavors and spices. the three of us left happy and with bellies full of delicious food. a nice end to a great day.

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