Tuesday, February 19, 2013


our first vacation of 2013: a seven-day trip to northern california, which turned into a NINE-day trip thanks to the blizzard that hit the northeast. two extra days of sunshine and hang time with friends? we'll take it! :)

like any true vacation, there was an endless amount of great food and even better company.

since i tend to get a bit carried away with vacation pictures (TOO many food pictures and not enough people pictures? hm, i suppose i could work on that...) and in order to properly highlight each portion of our trip, i'm gonna break it down into multiple posts. get ready!

* part one: san francisco and berkeley
* part two: sacramento and tahoe
* part three (i): napa
* part three (ii): napa
* part four: marin and berkeley
* part five: bonus days

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