Wednesday, March 13, 2013

part five: bonus days

(BONUS) DAY EIGHT: saturday 09 february

what's better than bonus vacation days? especially when that means extra hang time with best buds. [major thank you to mike and sarah for letting us stay over for the weekend.]

mike, sean, and i started our saturday at gordo taqueria. the guys each had SUPER burritos, while i opted for two soft tacos (one chicken and one carnitas). i only managed half of each before i had to leave to meet debby in larskpur. we had an afternoon planned for pottery painting in san anselmo. based on our past painting experience, we needed some sustenance before we got started; we've been known to spend hours and hours painting. did a quick walk through of the larkspur farmers' market which was just winding down; sampled some cheese curds and assorted citrus. then had an actual lunch from comforts cafe where we shared a jumbo chinese chicken salad and a sonoma jack and avocado sandwich. so fresh and california-y. 

now we were ready to spend the next few hours painting at doodlebug. we both chose a small round plate, anything bigger would probably be too ambitious. i decided to paint a cluster of peace leaf-hearts in varying shades of green; this was inspired by a tshirt i saw at tahoe dave's rental shop :P debby painted a primary bike graphic. the most time-consuming part for both of us was putting on enough layers of paint for each color; it was quite meditative as the hours passed by. we came to a stopping point and left our pieces for firing. there's always this anticipation of the final product. i love it. here's the before and after:

it was getting dark by the time we finished, and we parted ways--deb was off to a comedy show, and i went back to berkeley. no plans for the evening since originally sean and i were supposed to be back home celebrating chinese new year with my family. (cny plans got postponed for everyone due to the blizzard, so at least i didn't feel left out being stuck in california.) the four of us (mike, sarah, sean, and me) decided on japanese for dinner, so sarah suggested ippuku, an izakaya-style restaurant. sorry, no pics allowed--oh well. dinner was a blur of deliciousness. we had a bunch of skewers, beef tataki, crispy brussels sprouts, bacon-wrapped enoki mushrooms, grilled fish, sake... of course an evening wouldn't be complete without some ice cream, so after all that japanese yumminess we went to cream. there was a fairly large crowd when we got there (lots of drunk/hungry college students), but the line moved surprisingly fast. choose your cookie and your ice cream >> $2 ice cream sandwich. so great! sean and i were initially going to share one, but at the last minute sean ordered two so he'd have his own. sheesh! we got mint chip ice cream sandwiched between chocolate chip cookies. they melted fast so eating them in the car was a little tricky, but we managed ;)

(BONUS) DAY NINE: sunday 10 february

this was not a fun day for me. i woke up in the middle of the night super sick--threw up at least three times. it had to be food-related, but i couldn't figure out what it was from. no one else was sick, and we had shared everything. must have just been the culmination of the whole week's food binges. boo.

i basically stayed in bed the whole day. mike and sean made a quick run to blue bottle coffee in oakland and picked up some lunch: meatball subs and orange wine for them, saltines and ginger ale for me ::sad trombone:: we spent the rest of the day hanging out and watching arrested development until sean and i needed to leave for the airport. [major thank you to deb for picking us up at sfo and driving us to sjc.] red-eye flight back to the unwelcoming cold. bye-bye, california! we'll miss you~

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so that's the end of the california recaps. it only took me about a month or so to finish :P hope you enjoyed reading it!

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