Sunday, March 10, 2013

part four: marin and berkeley

DAY SEVEN: friday 08 february

this was supposed to be our last day of vacation, but with a little interference from mother nature we were fortunate enough to enjoy a couple more days in california.

we took our time leaving napa and stopped at oxbow public market, which is an indoor market with both restaurants and gourmet food merchants. we wandered a bit around the market and decided on hog island oyster co for lunch:
  * oysters: 3 hog island sweetwater, 3 hog island atwater, 6 kumamoto
  * grilled cheese: cowgirl creamery's fromage blanc, vella mezzo secco, and cave-aged gruyere with 
    house pickles
dessert was three twins ice cream: chocolate for sean and strawberry-balsamic for me.

now that we were nice and full from lunch, it was time to meet debby for a good ol' marin hike to cataract falls. everything was so so mossy; i wanted to touch it ALL ::hand reaching:: so soft~

it was starting to get dark by the time we finished our hike; just in time for dinner. off we went to berkeley for some zachary's deep dish pizza with mike and then ice cream at ici for dessert. among the four of us we got cinnamon bourbon (mike), rosemary pine nut praline (me and deb), and chocolate (sean, of course)--all on handmade cones. mm mm. seriously, can every night end with ice cream??

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