Wednesday, November 13, 2013

MOVE IT! sono to bklyn

one fourteen-foot moving truck, 3 movers, 32 moving boxes, 8 plastic storage boxes, 5 suitcases, 6 duffle bags, 19 kitchen bags for hanging clothes, and a bunch more assorted pieces (not to mention furniture), and i am now a brooklynite.

man, who knew packing up 7 1/2 years' worth of stuff and then UNpacking it would be so much work. actually, i think everyone knows how much work it is...especially when the stuff belongs to a superior hoarder and hider. hah~ so, after six days of non-stop unpacking and organizing, here are the new digs!


  1. I just discovered this blog and am loving your new apartment. We MUST see each other soon. XOXO

    1. thanks, virgi! definitely long overdue for a th116+llc date ;)