Thursday, January 1, 2015

december fun times 2014

another year, another holiday recap.

i'm going to keep things short because, let's be honest, we're all just in it for the pictures ;)

homemade goodies
[packaged, shipped, and gifted]
* coffee chocolate rice krispies with almonds and cranberries
* dark chocolate pistachio cookies
* oatmeal raisin cookies
* banana walnut chocolate oatmeal cookies
* matcha granola with hazelnuts
* oatmeal cookie granola with toasted coconut chips
* gingerbread bundt cake
and some brightly colored and patterned hair ties for non-edible measure

christmas eve dinner
[an 'ad hoc at home' inspired menu]
* pre-dinner snack: chicken liver pate with sage, apple, and thyme
* starter: caramelized sea scallops
* mixed greens salad with barefoot contessa vinaigrette
* roasted brussels sprouts
* ultra fluffy mashed potatoes
* crisped roasted tiny potatoes
* honey glazed cipollini onions
* braised beef short ribs
* dessert: individual triple chocolate mousse cakes
this meal (albeit served super late due to some mismanaged timing on my part) was deemed one of my best. kavin even texted me a couple days later saying it was "one of my favorite meals you made." ::happy dance:: maybe it's worth keeping people waiting for food.

out and about
* montreal wintertimes: christmas in the park, snow, coffee, cocktails, snow, JOE BEEF, snow, pho, snow, biryani, patati patata, snow, more cocktails, tibetan momo, snow, and more snow.

* joe beef: the specifics. the indulgence. the fatness.
  - starter: bacon wrapped whelks on skewers
  - half portion of lobster spaghetti in a cream sauce
  - filet mignon of horse wrapped in bacon served on smoked ham and topped with a fried egg
  - rabbit bouillabaisse
  - side of garlic-parmesan beef-fat fries

* ysx, tower @ 230 5th, sarabeth's: too much food, so many drinks, selfies/photobooths, gifts galore.

more holiday hijinks

thanks, december, it was fun. now on to 2015--let's DO this!

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