Monday, March 9, 2015

hiatus and hairstyles

can you believe how fast two and a half months go by? sheesh! the first couple months of 2015 seemed like endless waves of mini snow storms and bone-chilling temperatures. now that it's march, and daylight savings is in effect, it looks like we *might* be getting a peek at spring ::fingers crossed::
so what's kept me busy these past few months?

for starters, i've been abby-sitting monday through friday, three out of four weeks of each month. it has been quite the adventure with this little lady. full-time child care is no joke. luckily abby is a pretty happy and easy-going kiddo whose main objectives in life are giggles, dancing, and never-ending playtime. she's learning and absorbing like crazy. we've been working on the alphabet--singing the song, reading her alphabet book, etc--and so far she's extra good at identifying A, M, N, and O. i have a feeling she secretly knows the whole alphabet, but she's just waiting for the optimal day to bust out identifying all twenty six. (hey, it's how she started walking: tentative standing then full-on sprinting.) she's quite the bilingual chatterbox, so i'm not too concerned about her verbal skills ;P it still amazes me how much she understands and how fast her brain is developing. babies are total sponges.

i took a hiatus from baking (surrounded by stupid new year's resolutions and general holiday guilt) and spent most of my time taking bikram yoga classes (thank you, groupon), attending a rainy wedding weekend in philadelphia (number six of seven for th116), celebrating multiple birthdays at korean bbq (kang ho dong baekjeong in queens and k-town), vacationing in florida (honestly, i kept thinking it was summer the entire week)
but, most importantly, LOTS of wedding stuff. the date is set; the venues booked; guest lists in for everything else! :P i'll try to dedicate a few posts specifically for wedding stuff, but i'm going to keep things mostly under wraps--no spoilers! you'll just have to wait until 2016.01.23~

in the meantime (read: distraction), here are some of the various hairstyles i've tried on abby in the recent months:
thank goodness she tolerates me...for the most part.


  1. I like the one where she's sitting on the chair with the 2 ribbons.

    1. that's the tried-and-true look of choice